About Us


Artgidi (meaning: Original Artwork) is a service platform designed to facilitate an ecosystem of Artists and Art lovers across the globe. We discover and showcase the hidden but distinctively rich original artistic creations from Africa. Our platform features quality works from independent (established and budding) artists, galleries, art institutions and museums across Africa.

We are Africa's pioneering technology company in the Art space with the most robust and vast collection of Artworks, and a large community of Artists. You're sure to find a unique piece of work that tickles your fancy. We showcase an array of works that are contemporary, intriguing, and tell compelling stories you can connect with. Click here a peek at our collection.


To become the leading marketplace for original African Arts globally.


To support the collection, discovery, and marketing of Original African Artworks to a global audience.


  • We believe every Artwork tells a story
  • We believe every room, hallway, private or public space deserves to be adorned with art.
  • We believe art is not the exclusive right of collectors; everyday people deserve to experience and own art pieces.
  • We believe you will find a work of art that will intrigue you and connect deeply with you on our platform


We have four exhibitions slated for Nigeria and the United Kingdom on a yearly basis. You can join our mailing list here to get a special invitation to one of our exhibitions.

ArtGidi - Elevate Art Competition.

A free to compete bi-annual Contemporary Art and Photography competition. This is our way of discovering and giving a voice to talented Artists. Top three Artists will be given life-changing cash prizes and opportunity to participate in Artgidi exhibition within Africa and around the world.

Art of Giving Foundation (AOG).

We raise money to support good causes from sales revenue on ArtGidi. And we also encourage our Artists to give some percentage of their revenue to help the less privileged. Any artwork with AOG giving sign on it has a percentage of sale going to charitable works. Thus, we encourage you to pick AoG-labelled works, bearing in mind that your purchase is helping a child somewhere go to school.

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