Olusola Olumuyiwa

Joined Artgidi: Dec, 2020
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Ikeja, Nigeria
painting by Olusola Olumuyiwa on Artgidi

Artist Bio

Olumuyiwa Afolabi Olusola (OAO) I am a painter mostly in watercolours’ with lately some mixed media and watercolor. My aim is to bring an ever higher level of abstraction and ambiguity into my work that still references the world about me and of the nature. Through the border between the artist and the audience, I desire to depict the world both in visual and spiritual sense. In my belief, art was what drew me nearer to the world, yet it helped me see from a different eye. I seek to create works that express the genuine me, the world, and its spiritual presence. But I realize that happiness is achieved when my inner self is continually at peace with my fellow mankind and the environment in which I find Myself. Olumuyiwa, who doubles as a painter & brand strategist, has worked with reputable advertising agencies and brands such as Grant Advertising, Ltc-JWT Advertising, USP Brand Management, Linkserved Ltd., After acquiring branding experience that has spanned over two decades, he decided to setup Brand/Strategy company BnS Concepts Limited. Olumuyiwa promised that he will engage himself in providing unparalleled design solution for many brands and stage several exhibitions that will promote arts and business. The artist is an alumnus of Yaba College of Technology, where he graduated with Higher National Diploma in Painting. He has attended various courses/workshops both Home and Abroad. He has built up a formidable corpus of paintings and participated in over Thirty group exhibition in Nigeria, Togo, China, South Africa, Kenya and Europe. Recently Olumuyiwa A. Olusola being Nominated as a Member of the 20 Artists for Goge Africa Ambassadors 2019 (Goge Africa 20th Anniversary)


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