Josy Ajiboye

Joined Artgidi: Jan, 2021
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Oshodi, Nigeria
painting by Josy Ajiboye on Artgidi

Artist Bio

Josiah Akanbi Ajiboye, popularly known as Josy Ajiboye within the Nigerian art circle is an indigene of Erinmope Ekiti, Ekiti State who was trained by the Sudan Interior Mission (an evangelistic. His popularity as a cartoonist reached a height with cartoon columns like “Romance of Life” in the Lagos Weekend and missionary organization) in the early 1960s and later had an advanced training at the Yaba College of Technology in Illustration, Commercial Art and Painting between 1963 and 1965. He worked for the Challenge Publications, cartooned for the Morning Post, Sunday Post and the Lagos Weekend before joining the Daily Times of Nigeria in 1971 where he worked as an illustrator and cartoonist before retiring as the Group Art Editor in the year 2000. He has since gone into full time studio practice “Josy Ajiboye on Sunday” in the Sunday Times. He was a household name in cartooning in Nigeria before his popularity in the Nigerian contemporary art public as a painter started with his first solo exhibition of paintings at the Gong Gallery, Lagos in 1977. He has had several solo exhibitions since then. In 2008 he led a historical family exhibition which launched out his family of artists as the “Josy Ajiboye Art Family.” Josy Ajiboye’s cartoons were devoted to social and political criticism. However, his paintings have thematically focused on nature and culture and his painting style has remained a romantic naturalism. He believes that a very good drawing skill is primary to art practice in any area of fine and applied arts and strongly asserts that art must be evocative, attractive and communicative in the simplest artistic style. Josy Ajiboye is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA), Lagos State Chapter.


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