Sontee Ijoho

Joined Artgidi: Feb, 2021
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Bwari, Nigeria
painting by Sontee Ijoho on Artgidi

Artist Bio

I am a practicing artist based in Abuja. I have a diploma in Fine Art from the City and Guilds Institute in London and I am currently employed as Personal Assistant at ORIE STUDIO, Abuja. I have participated in the 2015 Life in My City exhibition as well as the Creo 2015 at the Family Worship Centre, Wuye, Abuja. I was a member of the logistics team for POKart: a Solo Exhibition by Kemi Akinnibosun in 2014. I am passionate about growing the potential for Nigerian youths to participate and excel in Fine Art. It is my dream that someday Nigerian children can proudly pursue art careers without stigma from family and society.


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