Buying From Auctions

Buyers Auctions.

Our Auction give collectors and Art Lover the opportunity to bid for the best master pieces, our Curator hand picks the best of the best Artworks available to be list in our Auction page.

Our Auction will give you chance to buy at a fair price based on general opinion of other bidders that way you know you have paid the best price for whichever lot you won.

Our Auction is transparent and coordinated by certified and experienced Auctioneers


  • Must be registered as a customer/buyer on ArtGidi (click here to register if you have not already done so
  • Our Auction session are online and usually last for 3 to 7 days
  • You will be requested to submit your means of payment when placing a bid
  • A token will be taken from you to show your commitment to the bidding process, which is refundable if you do not win any bid. The amount will be deducted for the amount you will be required to pay if you won a bid
  • You must buy any lot that you won, immediately after the bid – Debit, credit card and online bank transfer accepted

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