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Title: HER
Size: 16 by 32 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Style: Mixed media

This art piece captures the essence of a woman. The painting depicts an abstract female form in vibrant shades of green, orange, umber, and red. The use of colour evoke the complexity, beauty, and inner strength of contemporary womanhood.

The curvy shapes given to “HER” represent notions of both softness and resilience. With her face turned towards the sun. the painting symbolizes her resilience, beauty, intuition, emotions, adaptability, nurturing and complexity. Her posture shows us of her free and open spirit which conveys open-mindedness and emotional intelligence.

The textures add dimension, representing the depth, curiosity, and complexity inherent to womanhood. The use of textures and motifs in the painting gives the art its unique form.

While this is an interpretation through my eyes, I aimed to craft an earest tribute highlighting the valuable blend of traits women offer the world. 

Women are strong yet delicate, focused but imaginative, nurturing while ambitious.

I hope this artwork inspires pride and admiration for how beautifully complex women’s essence is, and how necessary women are in moving society toward a better future.

Artist Bio:

Adebisi Adeyewa David is a contemporary visual artist from Osun State, Nigeria. His art career commenced in 2015 and in over seven years, he has immersed himself studiously to develop adeptness with colour, composition, symbolism with a diversity of materials. Using painting as a medium, he breathes new life into African cultural themes through vivid mixed media techniques that display his technical finesse and deep reverence for tradition.

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Her (2021)

Painting by Adeyewa Adebisi



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Adeyewa Adebisi

Osun, Nigeria
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