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The African Identity depicts the Nigeria Heritage (Artefacts,monoliths). A carved ivory mask, worn by the oba or ruler of Benin during ceremonies, 19th-century terra-cotta head; brass figure that was part of an altar dedicated in 1914, 16th-century Queen Mother Head bronze from Benin, 12th-century Ori-Olokun bronze casting(Head of the Sea Goddess, Ancestor figure Bembe Nok terracotta, 17th century Efik people Cross River, Mask from Gabon, and the Akwanshi’s stone monoliths.

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Esther Adebayo, from Ekiti-State resides in Benin, Nigeria is a conceptual visual artist, project manager and content creator. Her deep quest to preserve the African culture and heritage inspired the depiction /communication of her feelings with African motifs. She is a member of Female Artist Association of Nigeria (FEAAN), Emptyartroom residence, leading women Africa, Agama Art Publishing & Agency, VAV, and ambassador of street project foundation. She has participated in several exhibitio

The African Identity (2021)

Painting by Esther Adebayo

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Esther Adebayo

Edo, Nigeria
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