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The refree shows a female refree incharge of a game. She issues red card and warning yellow cards to player who dare to complicate her game. I call on women to take charge of their lives and stop playing the victims and blame game. Life is too short to seat on a dilapidated fence. Work smart there more chances women excel at various field than the men do and take charge that’s the way to stay out of domestic violence. A dream life is worth working for……

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ARTIST BIO ACHIKE ANAYO MIRACLE, Born in 1986 Anambra state Nigeria. Is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Lagos Nigeria. He holds a Higher National Diploma in painting from the school of Art and Design Auchi Polytechnic Edo state. He is an experimental artist with interest in exploring possibilities with acrylics, oils, charcoal, pen and incorporating other media and found objects to create collages and mixed media works. Highly known for his distorted human figures. He negotiates the canvas space with figurative, because the human figure typically embodies the narratives he wants to share with his audience. He covers the eyes of police officers with Nigerian/foreign currencies to delineate their obsession with extortion and bribery. The bulgy eyes of his subjects depict the fact that we live in a generation where everyone is exposed, knowledgeable and wise in their own eyes, without realizing that they can also self-imprison themselves with their knowledge. The stretched necks of his figures portrays the insatiable nature of man/woman, in all their getting and achievements man keeps looking for and striving to acquire more., the absence of the ear in his figures is his way of reckoning that people of his generation do not listen and often go against advice, counsel or rebuke. Listening to social commentaries and banter in his immediate environment, the fight against, injustice, corruption, fraud, racism, bribery, religious intolerance, ethnicity and many other inhuman treatment is central to his practice. We live in a society that is rife with kidnapping, dilapidated schools, police harassment, extortion and war. He uses his art not just as a hubby, but as a means of communicating, preaching and advocating for global peace, love, tolerance, justice, self esteem and a better world for the human race. He is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists(SNA) and the Pan-African Circle of Artists(PACA). His works has been exhibited in Nigeria and internationally and is rising in global art collections.

The Refree (2020)

Painting by Achike Anayo


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Achike Anayo

Lagos, Nigeria
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