Dotun Popoola

Joined Artgidi: Dec, 2023
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Ile-Ife, Nigeria
junk art by Dotun Popoola on Artgidi

Artist Bio

<p>Dotun Popoola is a Nigerian metal sculptor&nbsp;<br>known for his polychromatic scrap metal works.&nbsp;<br>Born in Lagos in 1981, he holds degrees in Fine&nbsp;<br>and Applied Arts, specializing in sculpture and&nbsp;<br>painting. He trained in various art studios and&nbsp;<br>was certified as a hybrid metal sculptor in 2015.&nbsp;<br>Dotun has won numerous awards, including the&nbsp;<br>Director General&rsquo;s Award for the Best Artist of&nbsp;<br>the Year in the 2009 NYSC Arts Competition.&nbsp;<br>He has participated in numerous exhibitions&nbsp;<br>and has facilitated art workshops for various&nbsp;<br>organizations. Dotun has also worked as a curator&nbsp;<br>for the National Gallery of Arts in Nigeria and&nbsp;<br>was selected as a juror for a steampunk miniature&nbsp;<br>sculpture competition in Canada.<br>Dotun has showcased his work globally,&nbsp;<br>from ARTX Lagos to exhibitions in Qatar,&nbsp;<br>India, Turkey, Marrakech, Bahrain, and&nbsp;<br>Dubai. With a passion for transforming trash&nbsp;<br>into treasures, he conducts art workshops&nbsp;<br>internationally and volunteered at Scrap&nbsp;<br>Festival 2023 in Detroit. Dotun&rsquo;s eight-year&nbsp;<br>curatorial experience at the National Gallery&nbsp;<br>of Arts, Nigeria, reflects in his impactful&nbsp;<br>role as a juror for a steampunk sculpture&nbsp;<br>competition in Vancouver Island in October&nbsp;<br>2023. Dotun has featured in over 100&nbsp;<br>publications worldwide</p>


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