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My art upholds the idea of my culture and environment. A reflection and extension of my personality and realities. An internal dialogue with the self, through contemporary human portraits that examine the human spirit and how humanity is revealed externally in powerful and captivating expressions, thereby sharing in my paintings what I hope others get to feel in their lives; awe, wonder, joy, freedom, acceptance and curiosity.  

Using  Acrylic and ink technique with a sophisticated palette of harmonious and complimentary yet calming hues of tigerline form and patterns that highlights African bravery and elegance.

As a result, my creative techniques resonates between Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism and my oeuvres are used to explore and celebrate black Africans, their amazing facial expressions, struggles, extreme enthusiasm to work, behavioural activities, strength, courage and passion.

My Art is a visual poetry bursting forth with relentless energetic use of my abstracted black tigerline works to suggest African bravery, uniqueness, steadiness, ferocity and confidence. Hence, placing blackness as dominance to help comment and erase lazy narratives about the black race, color and social injustice. 

 *Why I use the Black Tigerline work (Uniqueness)*

 Tigers are one of the most popular animals and one of the biggest wild cats on earth. The Tiger is known to be the most widely recognized animal with the symbol of Strength, Courage, Beauty, Power and Ferocity.

Their body stripes varies in shade, size and abundance, and it is interesting to note that every stripe(line) pattern is UNIQUE i. e. no two tigers are marked the same, much distinct as human fingerprints. 



For this purpose, I artistically use the Black Tigerline work to enable each of my painting possess the Uniqueness each human being have in them, coupled with their spiritual and physical abilities, growth, power, bravery, fierceness, austerity and strength

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Omoniyi Gabriel Gilbert hails from Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.  He is a full-time Artist (Painter)based in Lagos and Ogun state. He has always been inspired and fascinated by the passion for color, nature and aesthetics. He studied Fine and Applied Arts at Federal Col

Hope in Adversity (2023)

Painting by Omoniyi Gabriel Gilbert


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Omoniyi Gabriel Gilbert

Lagos, Nigeria
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